Friday, July 26, 2013

Pointing Your Prayers

An account of Brandon's work with Global-EFFECT in the summer of 2009:

The sun beat down on us as we finished our games and gathered on that same street corner for a short time of devotion. The children's feet were covered in the soft dirt from playing soccer on such an arid and dusty surface. They vied for position to sit next to the white visitors that had once again joined their little corner of the red light district in Moshi. After leading the kids in a few songs in both English and Swahili, it came time to share a short message from the Bible. I told them the story of Daniel.

Some of these kids went to the Mosque, some of them went to church, some were just kids from the neighborhood, some were the children of prostitutes, some were undoubtedly forced into prostitution themselves. I told them the story of this man of God that dared to pray in the face of tyranny and found favor in his prayers during trial in the lion's den. I encouraged them that the same God, Jehovah, would listen to them and help them if they pointed their prayers towards Him.

My plan was simple enough. The children were in a poor situation, couldn't be much worse in a lot of ways. They were living in a deeply corrupt, sinful and exploited area of the city. Breaking families out of the sex trafficking ring is tricky and must be done with help of the Lord so that they find true restoration. However, hopeless it may seem, I knew that the Lord loves these children and if they would pray to Him, He would hear them and He would deliver them.
"I cried out to the Lord because of my affliction and He answered Me. Out of the belly of Sheol I cried and You heard me." Jonah 2:1
 As I've been in ministry, I've come to realize that prayer is the most powerful way to serve others. God invites us to play a role in proclaiming His Kingdom to every corner of this earth and one of the foremost ways that He has us do this is to simply talk with Him and intercede on behalf of others. One of the worst things that a believer can think is that they don't have time to pray. Brothers and sisters, this can not be, we must make prayer a priority. God moves when we pray.

That afternoon on Dar-es-Salaam Street in Moshi, we led the children in prayer, asking God to show Himself strong on the behalf of these little ones. It was four years ago this week. A couple months ago, I heard that the police in Moshi had at last shut down the brothels in that part of town. The red light district, with all its gaudy flower paintings on the side of their buildings, is no more. I know that the prayer of many saints played a critical role in this. Please continue to pray that lust, corruption and oppression will be conquered by the spirit of God in Kilimanjaro. Pray that new brothels don't crop up and pray for restoration for those that are victimized by sex trafficking. Pray for those that are perpetrators of such lewdness and violence. 


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