Friday, August 23, 2013

Transitioning to Global-Effect

Transitions... from the beginning of our family on June 4, 2011 when we got married, it has seemed as though we've been in a perpetual state of transition. Heading back to Tanzania early 2014 will be another big transition as we leave California, the church we've been serving at and head back to a "land that God will show us."

In this transition, we are so excited to be partnering with Ryan and Stacy Helbling along with all the other missionaries at Global-Effect Ministries. Over the last years of ministry in Kilimanjaro, the Helbling family have been our family away from family. Ryan has been such a formative voice in my life (Brandon) and most of that was when we weren't even in the same ministry! I can hardly wait to see what the coming season holds.

It has been interesting at times talking with people about our return to Tanzania and the big transition from not working at Treasures of Africa anymore. Needless to say, we'll miss that incredible ministry! We are so happy though that we'll still be able to see the kids on a normal basis (including Awadhi of course) and still have a great relationship with Rita and the rest at Hidden with Christ. Both Rita and us hope to work together for the good of orphans in Tanzania in the future.

But for now its all about making disciples for Christ in Tanzania and we know that Global-Effect is exactly the ministry that God has ordained for us to work under in that pursuit. Global-Effect recently updated their team page that now includes us as missionaries back to Moshi. Check it out here. We are so blessed to be joining them! We are hoping that you'll join us as well! Fundraising has been slow starting back out and I won't be working at the church too much longer, so if you've been meaning to become supporters, now is the time! Head over to our "Give" page to see how you can partner with us in that way.

Happy to be joining the Global-Effect Missions Team


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