Tuesday, November 5, 2013

New Ministry Partners: Wrapping Up a Month in So-Cal

Wrapping Up A Month In Southern California

On October 1st, our family got in the car and headed to southern California in a step of faith that God had something in store for us. Having been in the states for a year and a half now, having switched organizations and in some ways feeling as though we are starting all over again, we chose to believe that the Lord was directing our steps as we plan our return to Tanzania in early 2014. There were times of doubt and frustration this month, but above all we can say that our God is faithful and His plans are good.

We were so grateful to have spent the entire month with our dear friend Tricia in Huntington Beach. From there we were able to connect with three different churches between Los Angeles and Orange County, visit family in San Diego and San Bernadino County and see friends throughout the southland. Along the way, we picked up new ministry partners and re-connected with previous supporters that were with us when we worked at the orphanage. We came into the month feeling tired, discouraged and burnt out and left So-Cal feeling refreshed, grateful and excited for our return to ministry in Tanzania. Thanks to all the loved ones that helped us over the last month!

Our Beloved Ministry Partners

We are so grateful for those that have chosen to partner with us. We have seen God's faithfulness as displayed through His church. California and Tanzania are a lot closer than they seem when the people of God seek His purposes in both nations. As the Apostle Paul expressed to his own supporters in Philippi, we are delighted by the fruit that abounds to your account.

We want to acknowledge those that have sent money and given verbal commitments since we have set our eyes back on Tanzania and come on board with Global-Effect Ministries. The ministry to Tanzanian orphans and college students is just as much yours as it is ours and we are blessed by your service to the Lord.  Some of these ministry partners have given generous special gifts ranging from $100 to $1,000. Some have answered the call to be monthly supporters and be the "daily bread" to our family and ministry. Some were previous supporters when we were at the children's home, some are new ministry partners altogether. Whatever your story and whatever your gift, we want you to know that we love you and appreciate you. We are so grateful for each of you and the ways you have given and are giving.

Ministry Partners

Lorraine Beckmann
Paul and Patti Blake (pictured)
Chris and Wendy Cho (pictured)
Joshua and Laura Clagett
Dan Crismon
Brandon and Samantha Fetta (pictured)
First Baptist Church of Paso Robles
Gregg and Eileen Francabandera
Josh and Brittany Garcia (pictured)
Tyler Greer
Alan Irons
Tricia Lindquist
Sam Lopez
Scott and Jessica Mallernee
Claudia Stiver (pictured)
Karla Thompson
Patti Thompson

Join Us!

We would love to add you to our ministry team to Tanzania! We have set prayer goals and financial goals that you can help us with. Our prayer needs are listed below and our financial support goals are $12,000 to return to Tanzania and $2,500 a month to keep the lights on. The initial $12,000 would cover our plane tickets (almost $4,000), fixing our Toyota 4Runner that's still in Moshi (around $1,500), paying our rent (you must pay rent six to twelve months in advance) and preparing our unfurnished home to live in.

If you have verbally committed to helping us, now is the time to start. We are at about 50% of our monthly support with the commitments that people have made. As we have a few more months before our return, those monthly commitments will help us reach our initial $12,000 so that we can return to Tanzania in January.

If you want to give, you can do it two ways...
1. Make a check payable to 'Global-EFFECT' and write 'BMS' on the memo line. They will know to credit it to our ministry account. Please do not write our name anywhere on the check.

Send the check to:
Global Effect
PO Box 992856
Redding, CA 96099

2. You can give online by clicking here - Fill in the amount that you'll be giving, your contact information so we know who is giving and under "Program' write in 'BMS (Stiver)' so that it is credited to our ministry account. Click "Add to Basket." The online company JustGive takes a 4.5% processing fee.

Prayer Needs
1. All the traveling has gotten Melissa and Promise a bit sick. Please pray healing for their bodies. One of the difficult things about being a missionary is not having health insurance which makes us all the more reliant on God, the Great Physician.
2. Pray that God prepares the hearts of the college students as we anticipate starting that ministry with our African colleagues in Tanzania. Pray their hearts would be softened and that the word would take root in their lives.
3. Pray for the orphans that are currently in Kimbilio Familes and those that we've ministered to at Treasures of Africa. Pray that God would send more children to Kimbilio that are in need of a loving Christian family.
4. Pray for continued increase in partnerships and fundraising. 
5. Pray for God's provision in the form of a new computer. Brandon's computer died several months ago and he had to return his work computer when he left his job at the church a month ago. At the same time, Melissa's computer is almost four years old and slowing down and becoming increasingly glitchy. It's difficult for Melissa to run her online business and for us to maintain our fundraising with just one old computer. 
6. Pray as we connect with a few churches on the central coast over the month of November.


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