Friday, November 15, 2013

Psalm 68:6 and Our Time in Paso Robles, California

"God Sets the Lonely in Families" Psalm 68:6
We love to share our passion with other people for the orphans of Tanzania. There are over three million orphans in the entire nation and each of them come from such broken situations where parents have died, they’ve been abandoned, rejected and forgotten. For us, we are are compelled by the love of Christ to see these children restored. The gospel is for them and we believe God sets these lonely children in families.

There are many children that live on the streets, many that are piled into orphanages and even still many that pass from this life far too prematurely. It’s a sad situation, but we trust in a God who instills hope and a future for this nation. From personal experience and from studying the Bible, we know that the best situation for these children are to be placed in a loving, Christ-centered home. Indeed, what an orphaned child needs most is good parents. More than education, more than material possessions, more than anything, these kids need a loving dad and a mom.

The more we think about Kimbilio Families, the more excited we get to continue our call in orphan care ministry. Kimbilio is Swahili for ‘refuge’ and it’s beautiful to see orphaned children find refuge in a loving family. While this Global-Effect project is already underway, we’re excited to explore new opportunities in expanding the program as we return there and empower Christian, Tanzanian couples to welcome children into their homes. 

With such a vast amount of orphans in an incredibly impoverished nation, it’s easy to understand how so many children slip through the cracks. We know that there are Tanzanian Christians that have a heart to help these precious children and yet aren’t able to. They often have their own mouths to feed and are just scraping by themselves. They have the heart, but not the means. As Christian missionaries working for an American non-profit, we have an opportunity to empower these Tanzanians and help establish them with the means to care for these orphans.

Empowerment. It’s our heart to empower Christian Tanzanian couples to parent these Tanzanian children. As ministers of the gospel, we can empower them through job and parental training within their own context. We can empower them by connecting them to better housing, work and churches that will support them. And just as the American government helps foster parents with financial support, we can be the same support to these dear parents in a country that doesn’t have such means.

This is a very quick look into our continued ministry to Tanzanian orphans. God has broken our heart for these children and is deepening our desire to see them restored. We’d love to talk with you more about this so please email us and even choose to partner with us through prayer and finances. It’s beautiful to see what God is doing in the hearts and lives of these precious children.

Our Time on the Central Coast

Two weeks ago, we returned to the central coast to connect with churches and individuals. We spent the first ten days staying with Gus and Karen Bess who are on staff at First Baptist Church in Paso Robles. FBC Paso is the church that Brandon grew up in and it’s so wonderful to reconnect with them. We are now staying with a wonderful man named Bob Hager who is the grandfather of our sister-in-law. He has been so incredibly welcoming.

Over the last couple weeks, we’ve been able to participate in a few gatherings, sharing the ministry we’re a part of in Tanzania. On the third, we shared during service and during two adult Sunday schools at FBC Paso. The people we spoke with warmly received us and many of them are people that Brandon has known since he was in Kindergarten. Since then we’ve also been able to speak at both youth groups and have participated in different men’s and women’s events at the church. This Sunday evening we’ve been invited to speak at a new small group for couples. We already know a few of the couples and hope that they’ll decide to become partners.

Outside of FBC Paso, we’ve also been able to minister at Cayucos Community Church. This past Sunday we led worship at the church and afterward were able to sit down to a meal with Pastor Dale James and tell him about our ministry. We are so grateful for that time together and are looking forward to ministering there again this Sunday as we lead worship and then Brandon will take to the pulpit to preach. Following the service we’ll head to First Baptist Church of Los Osos (where Melissa grew up and Brandon spent the last year on staff) to speak at their business meeting as they decide if they will come on as a supporting church. Pray for favor with both of these congregations!

Prayer Requests
  1. Melissa has been getting bad headaches every day the last couple weeks since we’ve returned to the central coast. We’re not sure of the cause, but we know God is more powerful so pray for healing.
  2. Financial breakthrough in personal matters and fundraising. We were blessed to get verbal commitments from several people when down south, but some have not yet begun giving. If we are going to leave on our target week in January, we need to have our starting amount reached and those donations help get us there. We also need more monthly supporters. It has also been over six weeks since we left the church job and need financial breakthrough to continue not only preparing for Tanzania, but maintaining here in the states until then.
  3. Continue to pray for God to be working in the hearts of those that we’ll be returning to minister to in Tanzania. Many of them we have relationship with already, but many people that we minister to will be new relationships altogether. Pray for favor with those people as well as all government officials.


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