Friday, May 16, 2014

Online Giving Has Changed For The Stivers and Global Effect!

We are so happy to tell you that Global Effect has come into partnership with a great online giving program called Halo Pays which works on the GoBlueFire platform. After having several problems with our previous online giving program, this switch is a breath of fresh air. The best part of all is that we have a friend, Julianne, who is the Director of Finance and Client Relations at Halo Pays. Julie's husband Trevor is the pastor of one of our supporting churches up in Portland, Oregon. We are so grateful for this change to Halo Pays and the help that they've been to us.

We have a number of partners that support our ministry in Tanzania through online giving. At the end of this month, any recurring donations that you've set up through (our previous online giving program) will not go through. It's important that you fill out the new online form (takes under five minutes) to continue to support us. We are SO grateful to our supporters and we want to make sure to continue this partnership. If you haven't been a supporter in the past, we'd love for this to be an opportunity to begin that partnership with you. Sometimes, people are apprehensive to give because of online fees that take away from the actual gift amount. It's great to know that Halo Pays is designed for non-profits to maximize the amount given with minimal to no service fees. If you believe in ministering to orphans and making disciples of Jesus, we want to partner with you!

It's really simple to give online and will only take you a couple minutes to set up. You can follow the link before to get it squared away. Fill in the amount that you'll be giving and in the text box after it says "for" select "Brandon and Melissa Stiver (BMS)" so that it is credited to our ministry account. Continue to follow the instructions to give through our online support program, Bluefire/HaloPays. See the picture below for the first frame of the online giving program and click the "Give Online" button to go to the page...

Give Online

Thank you so much for your continued support of our ministry in Kilimanjaro, Tanzania. We have an exciting summer ahead of us and look forward to sharing more stories with all of you through our newsletters. Mungu akubariki sana!


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