Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Summer Mission Teams in Moshi

Summer Missions Teams
The last month has been a very fast, very busy time for us over here in Moshi.  When summer rolls around, our normal activities get a bit shifted as we welcome summer short term teams and interns to join us at Global-Effect. It's a good opportunity to welcome outsiders into our ministry and our lives and hopefully forge new ministry partnerships for the future as well. 

So far, we've had two teams that came from Vanguard University of Southern California (Brandon's alma mater) as well as four interns. Leading up to their arrival, our directors had us in charge of setting their entire ministry schedule, preparing their housing and coordinating with pastors and translators for the different activities. There is a lot that goes into it! The first team arrived on May 22nd and spent over two weeks here. The second team arrived on June 4th and for almost a week, between both teams and the four interns, we had 34 students and staff from Vanguard serving under Global-Effect.

While they were here, we helped with leading ministries, driving, translating and hosting a few of the students in our home. There were various ministries that the teams participated in and we know that they were touched by God as they experienced life here. We had them serving in churches on Sundays, doing evangelism in town, leading children's activities and ministries out in the village and in an impoverished district in Moshi, one of the teams got to serve in the youth prison (and led a young man to Christ!), and they all served at Hope International School. If you scroll down you'll see a few photos from our teams.

God has burdened us for the people of Tanzania and yet we still hold young Americans in our heart as well. This was such a blessing to facilitate not only the ministries that the teams did, but also have a hand in their discipleship. We hope that many of them continue to partner with us at Global-Effect in greater measure. 

One of our interns, Brianna, leading at a children's outreach in the village of Mtakuja
Back Into The Swing of Things
With the teams now having returned to California and our directors, Ryan and Stacy, back from California (they returned from furlough only two days before the first team arrived), we are able to get back into the more normal groove of life and focus on our main ministries; orphan care and youth discipleship. 

We took on the orphan care project (formerly known as Kimbilio Families) while Ryan and Stacy were in California, so up to this point we hadn't had opportunity to begin the process of revamping the ministry. Now that they're here and the teams are gone, we've begun to discuss the new name for the ministry and what our plan of action is. As we said in a previous newsletter, there are currently only five children placed between two families. We want to see that grow and for that to happen there has to be a change in culture in the  Tanzanian Church, as well as godly parents willing to open their homes and be parents to the orphaned. There will never be enough orphanages (which isn't the ideal anyways) or NGO programs to care for the 3 million orphans in this country; and really it's God's heart that the Church would rise up to be the answer to the orphan crisis. Starting in July, we'll be visiting different churches on Sundays and Brandon will preach on God's heart for adoption and orphan care. This is the first step in finding families that would work within our program, and also to encourage churches within themselves to take the plight of the orphan seriously. In our next newsletter we'll talk about this in more detail. 

In regards to discipleship, we are so blessed to have an opportunity to pastor our four wonderful young interns that have given their summers to come serve at Global-Effect. One of the best ways we get to do this, is by having these young women over for dinner and teaching a Bible study for them twice a week. This is proving to be a great way to pour into them, as they pour into the campers at Hope International School Discovery Camp. We love having short term teams come through, but we REALLY love our interns and are enjoying living life together with them this summer.

Additionally, Brandon had the opportunity to teach a session at the annual youth seminar at Voice of Victory Church in Njoro district of Moshi. Our dear friends Pastor Unity and his wife Grace, have been a blessing to us over the years and we were honored to come and share with the 200 youth that assembled from all over Kilimanjaro. It is our delight to see a church building full of young people hungry for the word of God and to fan the flame and the calling that God has put on each of their lives. 
We led a team for a children's playground ministry in Njoro. It was a great opportunity for us to serve and also partner with other missionary organizations that oversee this ongoing ministry.
 Online Support is Changing!
Many of our supporters give online and we are in the process of changing to a different provider. The change is for the better as we've had issues with our previous online support provider. Many of our online donations from justgive.org (our old provider) have gone through for June. Nonetheless, as justgive.org has been giving us headaches trying to end the service, we ask our supporters to stay tuned as we transition to the new provider BlueFire/Halo Pays. Sorry for any inconvenience, we assure you we are equally frustrated with this much needed switch. If you're ready to renew please take two minutes to do so, or if you haven't given before and would like to join our team, please click the link as well! We have some major expenses coming up (rent and travel) and could use your help. Be sure to designate "Brandon and Melissa Stiver (BMS)" on your giving. Just click here.

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GE Short Term Team serving at Fountain of Hope Nursery (a combination boarding school/orphanage)
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Brandon, Melissa, Promise and Baby #2

Outreach at the elementary school in Mtakuja

Thanks to Kayli Hillebrand and Amanda Fort for the photos for this newsletter.


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