Monday, March 23, 2015

Kingdom Families Partnerships

We are so blessed to be back home in Moshi following our four month baby furlough in the states. God has added to our family and we're excited to step into this new season of life, family and ministry. Thank you to all those that remembered us, came and saw us and continue to support us. We're excited to share with all of you in this (somewhat overdue) newsletter.

Kingdom Families Partnering with Bethany Global
One of the most exciting developments coming out of our furlough is a new partnership with Bethany Global, which is the missions branch of Bethany Christian Services. We shared briefly in our last email how we had gained contact with them through Johnny Carr and an Orange County missions pastor. Since then, we've been able to be in continuous contact with Ruth Olsson who is a Strategic Partnership Consultant for Bethany and we are now entering into a formal partnership through their program Bethany Consulting.

In a nutshell, by us partnering with Bethany Global, we'll be able to learn how to best run our own program with excellence and have Bethany fill in the places that we need most. We are specifically going to receive program structuring, capacity building, training and oversight for those families, staff and pastors involved as well as other types of technical assistance. All of this begins with the Phase 1 of Assessment and then moves onto Phase 2 - Program Growth and Oversight.

We couldn't be more excited about this opportunity and hope that our support team back in the states and here in Tanzania will be as well. One of our biggest needs within this, is more financial partners specifically for the Kingdom Families project. We, personally, have a handful of very faithful and generous supporters for our family as missionaries. But we have many more in our online and California church and friends base that are not currently supporting us or Kingdom Families. If you would like to support us in our new endeavor of getting Tanzanian orphans into Christian families, please don't hesitate. Bethany Consulting has given us a project quote of $7,000 for Phase 1 and $13,000 to $20,000 for Phase 2 (the cost will depend on the findings of Phase 1). We know that $30,000 is nothing to God and the church that He has empowered. Please consider giving towards this groundbreaking project. You can do so online by clicking here and make the donation for "Kingdom Families Sponsorship." In the comment section, please write "Bethany" so we know how to allocate the funds. Or if you prefer to send a check, please follow the instructions at the bottom of this newsletter. We're also looking for church partnerships for the program, so if you think your congregation would be interested in this missions partnership, please let us know. If you'd like more info on Kingdom Families, our current families or the partnership with Bethany Global, please email us at We cannot run Kingdom Families on our own and we appreciate each person that plays a part through giving. Thank you!

Family Update
Our family has gotten back into the swing of things quite quickly around here. Our little Shepherd is almost four months old and doing great. He's already rolling over and we know he'll be mobile in no time. Promise is so happy to be home and is right back into the swing of things. Her next milestone will be getting potty-trained and we've already signed her up for preschool at Hope International School starting in September.

Our family has an extra blessing right now as we're caring for our "nephew" Cyrus. Cyrus is the adopted son of our directors and dear friends Ryan and Stacy Helbling. The Helbling family have had to travel to the states to attend to things there both for family and Global-Effect, but unfortunately weren't able to bring Cyrus along, despite countless attempts to get him a visa (the adoption process here can often be tiring and convoluted). So as they're away till the end of May, Cyrus is living with us and being a great big brother to Promise and Shep. We're so happy to have him.

Promise, Cyrus and Shepherd after church last Sunday
Would You Sponsor This Family?
One of the most important things we’re focusing on right now for Kingdom Families is getting the program more financially viable. The cost of sponsorship for having children in families is a fraction of what it costs to have them in an orphanage, however it does still cost money. 

Our largest family right now is in a district of Moshi called Pasua. The parents are Michael and Dorothia and they have four foster children through Kingdom Families: Ezekiel, Luka, Zaina and Edita. Though they’ve been taking care of the kids for sometime they’ve never been fully sponsored and even a couple of the sponsors they had in the past have since dropped off. Right now their family requires eight shares of support, though only two are taken. One share is $50 and that means we’re looking for another $300 per month to get this family fully supported. Would you be one of those $50 a month sponsors? The sponsorships help cover the rent, utilities, food and other common items, as well as school fees and medical expenses. The eldest, Ezekiel, just for his own school fees requires $550 per year, that’s one support share right there! Please consider investing in this family and let’s see them fully supported this week. 

Thank you all for following along with our family. We know that God is bringing us into deeper levels of His grace and our destiny, we appreciate those of you that have come alongside us for the journey. We have so much more that we could share but we’ll save it for our next newsletter and updates on Facebook. God bless you!

Brandon, Melissa, Promise, Shepherd (& Cyrus)

*To give towards Kingdom Families by check:
Please make the check payable to "Global-Effect" and write "Kingdom Families - Bethany" or "Kingdom Families - Michael/Dorothia" in the memo line. Send your check to: Global-Effect, PO Box 992856, Redding CA 96099.


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